Sunday Service September 11, 2022

Tim preaches on Genesis 9:1-17 including the covenant between God and man which signified as a rainbow, and God’s abundant grace and mercy towards us. He emphasizes that the second covenant is gracious, merciful, and unconditional.

Sunday Service September 4, 2022

Youth Pastors Jonathan and Gavriel preach on the topic of fear and faith, including why we can have trouble trusting God and giving him control, what causes this, how we overcome it, and practical life applications.

Sunday Service August 21, 2022

Tim preaches on Genesis 7 and 8 including the onset of the flood, Noah’s time on the ark, and what it reveals to us about God. Key takeaway: Remembering the Lord and giving thanks to Him always.

Sunday Service July 31, 2022

Tim preaches on Genesis 6:1-10 including who are the sons of God, New Testament references to Genesis 6, God’s response to the state of humanity at this time, and God’s favour towards Noah. Key takeaway: Find grace and favour in the eyes of the Lord, let that be your goal.

Sunday Service July 10, 2022

Guest Speaker Jason Erb preaches on making a “pit stop” to stop and reflect on what God is calling each of us to do.

Sunday Service June 12, 2022

Tim preaches on Genesis 3, the fall of humanity, and how understanding Genesis 1 and 2 is important for understanding Genesis 3.

Sunday Service June 5, 2022

Interview with Jonathan and Gavriel regarding their application for the role of Youth Pastor at Living Water.