Next Sunday: Sun, Apr 2 @ 10:45 am

Sunday Service October 30, 2022

Follow-up to the Keith Yoder service. Guest speaker Jason Erb shares what God has done in his heart and life since the last service, and how God brings true freedom, transformation and redemption.

Sunday Service October 2, 2022

Pastor Tim speaks on Genesis 9:18 regarding God covering our sin and shame by the blood of Christ. Key takeaway: God is gracious to cover the shame of sin, so we must be thankful to receive it and generous to give it.

Sunday Service September 25, 2022

Guest speaker David Hicks speaks about our understandings of scripture and the importance of word choices, culture, context, and perspective. He discusses bible translations and interpretations, as well as what Paul was actually trying to communicate, and how misinterpretations arose.

Sunday Service September 11, 2022

Pastor Tim preaches on Genesis 9:1-17 including the covenant between God and man which signified as a rainbow, and God’s abundant grace and mercy towards us. He emphasizes that the second covenant is gracious, merciful, and unconditional.

Sunday Service September 4, 2022

Youth Pastors Jonathan and Gavriel preach on the topic of fear and faith, including why we can have trouble trusting God and giving him control, what causes this, how we overcome it, and practical life applications.

Sunday Service August 21, 2022

Pastor Tim preaches on Genesis 7 and 8 including the onset of the flood, Noah’s time on the ark, and what it reveals to us about God. Key takeaway: Remembering the Lord and giving thanks to Him always.