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Welcome to the Living Water Youth Page!


We are currently looking for youth sponsors to attend youth events and bible studies. Sponsors must be at least 20 years old and are required to provide a valid police check. Please contact us if you are interested in making an impact on youth while having fun and rejoicing in God together.

Youth Events

Youth events are usually held twice a month and are a great chance for the youth to have fun in the community. Please check our LWF youth group Facebook page using the link above for details on upcoming events.

For events requiring registration forms please visit the “Forms” tab above.

Bible Studies

Bible studies are fun nights where youth gather to play games, hang out, and know God more!

The bible studies are held weekly on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm at the church. We start off the night with some fun and games, and then dive into God’s word together as a group with the Holy Spirit guiding the course of our discussions.

We are looking forward to exploring God’s word more in-depth with the youth and working through any questions or topics that they are interested in learning more about! 

Please follow our Facebook page for updates on bible studies and any cancellation notices.